History of the place

The castle was originally erected during the final period of the Karantanian Mark as the administration centre of a small sovereign district in the recent colonisation of eastern Styria. Ehrenfels was first mentioned in 1185 as a “small fortress aside Diepoldsberg”. The family Ehrenfels originally served as stewards at the dukes of Babenberg on the castle in Graz and called themselves “de Graeze”. The family was one of the leading Styrian nobility and possessed further castles in Styria and Carinthia. Otto the IV. de Ehrenfels was from 1389 to 1406 sovereign in Carinthia.
At the beginning of the 15 century the only daughter Barbara of Ehrenfels married Jakob of Stubenbergs from Gutenberg and the lands were merged.The earliest part of the building are the lowest two floors of the tower, which were presumably built in the 11 th or 12 th century. Later enlargements in gothic stile until the 14 th century.

The building burned down presumably in the 17 th century. It was never rebuild and due to its steep access it was hardly used as a quarry. Since 1983 the owners revitalise the building carefully by conserving all the old walls and restored it carefully with new parts. In this way until 1993 the owners erected their new home inside the building which integrates and protects the rests of the outside wall and the side building on the east side.
In the moment the tower and the west wall are under reconstruction.

Fairy tales relating to the building

The Schoeckel treasure (Treasure of Stubenberg family)
Mother love and Schoeckel treasure
The keys to the treasure of the Stubenberg family
The stories of the farmer George Hessgrueber about the Schoeckel treasure
The farmer Woelfl and the Schoeckel treasure
The white lady from Schoeckel
The gnome from the weather hole and the Schoeckel treasure
The secret tunnel from castle Ehrenfels to the church of St. Radegund
The underground Schoekel lake
The treasure hole from Ehrenfels
The weather witches and the giant Vasold
The devil and the Schoeckel witches
Otto de Ehrenfels and the local dragon
Gnomes in the Ehrenfels area
Wolfs in the Ehrenfels area

Existing stories, not proven by historians

How Otto de Graece came to glory, honour and the new territory of Ehrenfels.
Sebastian Scheikel, steward and faith healer of Ehrenfels in the time of the last Babenberger.
How the church of St. Radegund was founded.
The treason of the treasure of Ehrenfels to the Turkish Sultan by Ahmed originated from Graz and the Turkish siege and destroy of the castle in 1662.
The battle with Napoleon troops at Ehrenfels and how some close by rocks were named “dead man”.
Story about the reason for the collapse of the north west tower wall in 1913
Dubious hunting experience in July 1944 of the farmer Wartpichler in the Ehrenfels forest.

Special offers for kids

Special events for kids birthdays parties can be offered and are in preparation.
Individual adjusted programs for groups of minimum 10 attendance can be offered as well.

Special activities for visitors

Since 2006 the former knights hall is reconstructed and shall be used in future for all year events. The castle will be adapted step by step to a tourism place focussed to experience the medieval time. It is expected that 2006 and 2007 the reconstruction of the building will be dominant and therefore only a few events will be possible.


Daily tourism: no
Hotel activity: no
Public access:
Summer time
Winter time
yes, appointment in advance is necessary
Opening hours:
yes, appointment in advance is necessary
Meeting rooms:
Halls: 5 halls with 100 m², at the moment only one useable
Places: variable
Techn. Outfit: tables, chairs, electrical connections, candle light
Prices: to be agreed
Historic Shooting range: Crossbow with 4 lines indoor, at the moment under reconstruction
Range for historic muzzle loader weapons under design
Bow and arrow range under construction
Historic Knights village: Historic houses for various hand craft are under design
Parking places: Castle can be reached by car all the year, at the moment 30
parking places are available. Access is only from the
Kreuzbergstreet possible.
Contact: Dr. Rautgundis Machalka
Ehrenfelsstrasse 1
A 8061 St. Radegund bei Graz

Tel: 0043 31 32 44 94
Fax: 0043 31 32 44 94
E-Mail: Rautgundis.Machalka@aon.at

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